Hello, I’m mallori

e-learning developer | instructional designer

I create powerful, accessible and authentic user experiences. I work for individuals, big & small companies, creating and developing courses, scripts and storyboards.


As I am consistently learning, my toolbox of solutions and services are constantly growing!

e-Learning Development

I design and develop engaging, innovative, and effective educational courses and training lessons using Articulate Storyline and Rise 360.

Instructional Design

I conceptualize, design and develop storyboards in Storyline, Word and PowerPoint. Creating engaging interactive learning blueprints for courses that promote active learning.

Instructor Led Training

I design and develop classroom, virtual classroom, and self-paced training content for instructors and targeted learners.

Video Development

I create engaging and effective video visuals for online learning, training, process guides, and courses. 

Script Writing

I create custom content for Instructor-Led Training, e-Learning Courses and Video Training. Writing and editing accessible, compelling and efficient scripts and outlines.

Web Design

I combine design strategy and content creation to develop modern websites on WordPress, Wix and Square Space!

Design Approach

My process of developing online training courses varies by client. However, my approach and design process always includes these vital steps.

Analysis and Discovery is the process of understanding the training and business needs for the course. During this phase it’s important to identify the learning objectives.

This includes:

  • Business and training needs
  • Training requirements
  • Context of the problem(s)
  • Content and its key message
  • Learners profile: role, responsibilities, skill set, technical proficiency, etc.

During this phase I create a Design Strategy, deciding on a strategic way to developing curriculum. Be it story-based approach, problem-based approach, video-based approach, game-based approach.

Developing a functional prototype, using the approved design strategy and the client’s branding guidelines. This includes visuals, interactivities, knowledge checks, and assessments.

This phase includes testing the design ideas and prototypes with actual users.

Implementation, this is where the client employs the chosen instructional design solution. During this phase a some refinement is necessary.

Evaluate the course, asking a few key questions:

  • Did the learners find the training to be engaging and useful?
  • Did the organization view the training has positively impacted the business and helped achieve the business need?
  • Did the learners meet the learning objectives?
  • What worked and what didn’t work for the training?

Tool Box 

I love learning new skills and take pride in adding new tools and training experiences to my toolbox. As I continue to learn and grow professionally my skill level and toolbox will inevitably increase!

  • Articulate Storyline 360
  • Articulate Rise 360
  • Articulate Studio 360
  • Camtasia
  • Microsoft Office
  • Relationship Management
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Design Aptitude
  • Creative Thinking
  • Reliability

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